So the folks over at IGN got a chance to play the NBA 2K11 demo this past week and delivered us some promising news. First off alot of people (including myself) where skeptical after hearing about the revamped (simplified) isomotion controls for NBA 2K11. The IGN dudes said isomotion looked really crisp and thought that 2ksports had in fact spent a lot of time revamping the isomotion controls for the better and not for the worse. The worst being far to simplified to a point where even the biggest NBA 2K11 noob could pull off a sick cross over step back jumper and drop it on you like its hot and sexy. So though isomotion may be simplified there is still a skill element to it and many moves to be used.

The biggest thing i liked was the half court offense and play calling features. There will indeed be over 1,000 plays that you will be able to run specific to any player you have out on the court. Thats like 10x more plays then we have seen in any previous year and i hope we will be able to play around with them in the NBA 2K11 demo. You will also be able to call out players to cut to the basket, user them, and fake passes that can sike out the defense.